TelkomInternet ADSL

TelkomInternet powered by ADSL provides both home and business users with an always-available broadband connection that offers high-speed Internet access via an ordinary copper telephone line.


  • Ease of connection ~ Our always available ADSL connection is just a click away. The connection will stay live if used continuously, or timeout after 60 minutes of inactivity. It is recommended that you disconnect when you have concluded your Internet related matters for the day. A new connection is only required once a day as the network is reset each day at 00:00, disconnecting all subscribers automatically. If you are disconnected by the network, you can immediately reconnect.
  • Access speed ~ The product is designed to be as flexible as you need, so no matter which ADSL access speed you have chosen, our Standard, Advanced or Premium services will fit your requirements.
  • Great value ~ As an ADSL subscribers you are able to surf the internet at high-speed and download information (e-mail, images, gaming, sound and video) using you existing phone connection. There is no need for fancy equipment - just a simple ADSL modem and a reasonable PC.
  • Call charges ~ Since your ADSL service is an always-available connection, there is no need to keep watch on time spent online. A monthly subscription fee is payable irrespective of the amount of time spent on the Internet. What needs to be watched though is the maximum allowed bandwidth usage, the cap.
  • Phone line ~ Phone calls and faxes can be made and received and sent at all times, no need to suspend your Internet connection.
    Online tracker ~ This is a must in order to stay abreast of your usage. You will be able to pro-actively monitor and manage your bandwidth usage. You can access this free facility at
  • Best effort ~ ADSL eliminates waiting time and provides quick access. Please remember that best effort applies once the Internet is reached. Since we do not have control over where the various servers are hosted and the amount of subscribers accessing the Internet at any one time, there are no guarantees.
  • Even faster ~ Proxy settings are of great benefit. When configuring your settings in your web browser, make sure you make use of one of the largest caching servers in Africa, this being the SAIX proxy servers for an improved experience.
  • Unwanted mail ~ Do you hate SPAM? Well so do we. If you log into our webmail service you can activate your own anti-spam service, so don't wait for SPAM to get to you, let us destroy it for you.
  • Choice ~ Not only do we offer two types of access, shaped and unshaped, but we currently offer a shared cap service and the usage based option.
TelkomInternet powered by ADSL provides both a shaped and unshaped service. Simply put, this means that we have built a service that will best meet your individual needs. In short, for the general user the shaped service will fit most needs adequately.
  • Shaped ~ In layman’s terms, the shaped service prioritises keystroke activities - things you do while sitting in-front of your PC. So when you’re surfing your favourite site, doing your banking or checking your e-mail, this option will work best for you.

    For those of you that need to know more, read on. The shaped service distinguishes between the various protocols used over the Internet. The main priority is HTTP. At present, all international HTTP traffic is transparently cached for ADSL users. All international un-cached data is shaped. The following un-cached protocols are prioritised on the network: HTTP (in certain cases HTTP is not cached due to website incompatibilities), HTTPS, FTP, Mail (POP3, SMTP and IMAP), SSH and TELNET. Any protocol not mentioned above will receive a lower priority on the network.
  • Unshaped ~ In layman’s terms, whichever activity you are doing or leaving your PC to do, while not there, all available bandwidth will be used for this application or protocol.

    This service will offer you unshaped international bandwidth and a higher data transfer rate. The unshaped service will not shape the un-cached protocols. All protocols will therefore share the available bandwidth equally. Similarly, local bandwidth will remain as is with no shaping implemented. Keeping this in mind, this service is typically designed for a niche market including, for example, your typical ForexTrader, specific gaming applications, secure work from home options and VPN’s. All these applications can use unfamiliar protocols, which are not necessarily bandwidth intensive but require an unshaped service to work optimally.
Access capping details

To offer a fair service for all, TelkomInternet currently monitors and tracks all ADSL users' online usage which, when added up, constitutes your cap or usage. The usage is measured in Gigs.
  • Capping ~ Please note we do not monitor what you do or where you go, but how much traffic you produce in your use of the Internet. Your ADSL usage is determined by all traffic you generated by a given username and includes the upload (sending), download (receiving) as well as network and protocol overheads. The same process applies to both the shaped and unshaped service. The accumulated data can be viewed at and is updated each day after the forced network timeouts.
  • What's a Gig ~ In short, it is the amount of Bytes or size of a file or application on the Internet. This is approximately 300 songs, 1500 average MS Word or MS Excel documents or about 10,000 e-mails without attachments.
  • Cap period ~ Capping is determined over a given period, normally a calendar month. As such, monthly usage is accumulated during the period and reset according to your service subscription. At the beginning of each period the usage tracker is reset and any restrictions that might have been imposed would be lifted.
  • What is a cap ~ A cap is the amount of traffic or Gigs per service a subscriber may use or consume over a given period, and is determined by the product you have subscribed to initially. An example would be 2, 3 or 4 Gig. Capping has no relation to the ADSL speed that you have chosen.
  • When your shared service cap is reached ~ Once your cap threshold has been achieved you may purchase further Gigs of usage in the form of usernames to maintain unrestricted service. Although TelkomInternet currently allows capped users unrestricted access to sites, e-mail and applications, TelkomInternet reserves the right to deny authentication to any ADSL users dependent on network usage over and above the prescribed cap.
  • When your usage based service cap is reached ~Once your cap threshold has been achieved you may purchase further Gigs of usage to maintain unrestricted service.

In summary these services offer you the following:


  Allocated bandwidth Protocol Prioritisation
Shaped 2GB or 3GB (applying to a calendar month) HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Mail (POP3 & IMAP), SSH, Telnet
Unshaped 4GB (applying to a calendar month) No protocol prioritisation applied
Impact once capped - Shared
  • No impact to access or applications but subject to available shared bandwidth and can be subject to hard capping rules
  • Can access the Internet over a dialup connection
Impact once capped - Usage
  • Hard capped requires additional Gigs to remain online
  • Can access the Internet over a dialup connection


Standard Advanced Premium
1 username & password account 1 username & password per account 1 username & password per account
1 email accounts with 5 aliases 2 email accounts each with 5 aliases 4 email accounts each with 5 aliases
1 Concurrent Session 2 Concurrent Session 4 Concurrent Session
Dynamic IP Addresses
No web space   5 MB personal web space     10 MB of personal or business web space which allows for domain namepointing at a charge


* Please note that TelkomInternet powered by ADSL is complimentary to the ADSL technology. Subscribers therefore need to either be an existing Telkom DSL customer, or alternatively order a DSL line at 0800 ADSL 00 (0800 2375 00) or request the service online by clicking here
* ADSL is a best effort service and no guarantees are provided on throughput. ADSL is an access medium to the Internet or your preferred ISP and will not overcome any bandwidth related constraints within the World Wide Web.

Monthly Subscription Standard Including VAT
Shaped R 199.99
Unshaped -
Advanced Including VAT Premium Including VAT
R 249.00 R 269.00
R 679.00 R 699.00

Telkom HomeDSL & BusinessDSL access

As of 1 August 2006 Home and Business customers can apply for any DSL access product whether it is DSL 384, 512 or 1024.

Sign a 24 month contract and get the modem for free! To fill in an online request form click here.

Monthly line rental Including VAT Consumer
Line Rental HomeDSL 384* R 245.00
Line Rental HomeDSL 512 * R 362.00
Line Rental HomeDSL 1024 * R 516.00

*The monthly rental excludes phone line rental.
*The monthly fee excludes call charges made to the Internet access POP number.

Once-off Charges
Installation R 437.50 (incl. VAT)
Migration Fee - if downgrading R 295.20 (incl. VAT)
Telkom Wifi modem with 4 Ethernet ports R 799.00 (incl. VAT)
ADSL POTS USB modem * R 399.00 (incl. VAT)
Marconi micro filters R 48.00 (incl. VAT)
Additional charges Normal Telkom tariff phone line rental and voice or fax calls

* Certain prices are subject to currency fluctuations and may change without notice.
* Prices are subject to Telkom's annual price adjustment.

For the TelkomInternet powered by ADSL service you will need the following:
  • You will need an existing ADSL line. If you do not have this line installed yet, you can apply for the service together with your TelkomInternet service under "Ordering" on the website or alternatively contact the call centre on 0800 237 500.
  • You will also need a TelkomInternet powered by ADSL Standard, Advanced or Premium package. If you are already a TelkomInternet subscriber, you will need to upgrade your service. Contact our call centre on 0800 500 200. If you already have the line installed and are not currently with TelkomInternet, you can apply for the service by contacting the call centre on 0800 500 200.
To receive the ADSL access service you will need the following:
  • An ADSL upgraded exchange equipped to supply the ADSL service.
  • Situated within a 3km to 5km radius from this exchange.
  • An Analogue phone line. Please note that this only applies to individuals with no existing phone line. If you have an existing analogue line, you do not need a second line specifically for ADSL. ADSL will run over your current copper phone line, turning it into a multitasking tool. You will now be able to surf while your phone line remains open to receive or make calls and send faxes without terminating your Internet connection.

PC with the following suggested minimum requirements:

  • Pentium I, 166MHZ with 32 MB RAM, Windows 98,2000, XP or ME, 100 MB storage, Ethernet 802.3 (UTP) network adapter (if you wish to connect more than one PC) and a CD ROM
  • Pentium II, 233MHZ with 32 MB RAM, Windows NT4, 2000 or XP, 100 MB storage, Ethernet 802.3 (UTP) network adapter (if you wish to connect more than one PC) and a CD ROM

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Please note that the additional account won't be billed on your Telkom account. You will need to fill out the attached order form detailing whether or not you would want to settle your monthly subscription via direct debit order or credit card.
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